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A Prologue of Sorts

“Though seemingly empty, space is filled with wonder and possibilities. It is filled with light waves from billions of stars that can live virtually forever, crossing the universe, forming an endless web of light intersecting light, giving an orientation for the infinitesimally small vessel that carries you. Dwelling within this web of light you are always aware of being somewhere, even here in the middle of nowhere.”

Benjamin Hurling



Benjamin is, in fact,  traveling solo through the vast expanse of space, but he is not alone. As he explains, “We can be no more free from our tribe than a star is free of its galaxy. We are alive and therefore never alone, and it’s more than memories that bind us. The tentacles of life connect us no matter how great the  distance or time that pretends to separate.” 

Jahalla has her own story to tell, and her own insights to share. You will meet her soon enough and I will try to find a suitable quote from her Journal, so that she can introduce herself.

In a sense this is their Blog too, so I will limit my comments about them and let them tell their own story.  I will write about my  journey of discovery in creating this story about these two remarkable characters. Though tempted, I will  refrain from posting every chapter, only because I want you to purchase the book, and besides it would take a good part of a year if I posted one chapter per week.

As you might guess I have not planned out this little adventure. and I’m starting to think that, like Benjamin, I’m not alone here in cyber space. There are lots of strangers out there and I hope to hear from those adventurous souls who wish to join the journey.


Wes Thomas
Author:  Symphony of Silence

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